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“The greatest benefit from working with Tracey is the opportunity to be heard. I learned that my first answer to a solution is usually the best answer. I need to stop over-thinking, and make decisions with confidence.”

Tammy D.

“The greatest benefit I have received from your coaching sessions, in my opinion, would have been the different perspectives you have given me on whatever obstacle comes my way in life.

The most helpful thing about our sessions is that you have years of experience in the real world. Which means that you always can relate to whatever is going on. Not only do you relate, but you also give me advice about the similar situations you have been in, what you did wrong, and how you would have navigated differently. The experiences that I have encountered in our sessions have always been genuine. I have always been given undivided attention. I cannot think of a time I felt as if I was not heard or understood. Even if I say something odd or childish I still feel like I’m taken seriously.”

Jennifer H

“The greatest benefit I derived from my session is an overall sense of direction when there was a lack of one beforehand. My experience during our session was phenomenal! That said, I would highly recommend Tracey when you are in need of guidance or just when you need someone to listen. The one thing I learned about myself during our session is that sometimes the only person that gets in my way is myself! The best way to get by that is by being less analytical and more direct.”

Stephanie S

“Releasing Pain to Power was helpful to me in expressing my emotions and feelings. The most beneficial gain from Releasing Pain to Power Therapy for me was life skills in general with positive thinking and speaking, and living a healthier lifestyle. I’ve learned from my sessions to meditate when I overthink. Turning negative thoughts into positive energy. My experience was wonderful with my life coach.”

Elizabeth H.

“The greatest benefit from Tracey’s service was encouraging me to believe in myself and know that I have the power and determination to do whatever my heart desires without fearing what others may say or how they may react.”